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How my wedding disco hire entertainment all started

I started my passion for music when I was only 14 years old, my brother introduced me to pair or belt drive record turn tables and a mixer.

I was amazed seeing what can be done to two records spinning at the same time and the skill involved.

Since that moment I saved and saved for my own set of decks, obvousily at 14 to buy a decent set of decks was just a dream as equipment then and even now was very expensive. So when I was 15 I managed to secure a job at a Chinese take away where I would work straight from school on a Friday and then Saturdays and maybe a few Thursdays if I could.

I was on 20 pounds per night from 5pm until 1am which I manged to save 120 pounds for my first set of budget decks second hand from another lad in my year.
My passion grew & grew, I loved everything about decks, not just the music but the equipment itself was just mind blowing, I wanted to know everything about them from how to maintain a turntable to how it all works.
I had a friend which I still have to this day that has the same passion who is still very much into " mixing ", together we learnt how to mix with our very own unique styles.
Back then I was still very young and loved 90's dance & hardcore, but once I started my mobile disco business my tastes have changed as I wanted to play to every type of crowd and not just to one specific genre to one specific crowd.
I still love 90's dance as it is my roots and I love it when I get requested to play some or if I notice that it is the appropriate crowd to play for.
Anyways, when I hit 16 I wanted to learn more about the mobile disco industry because I went to a friends birthday party at a local venue and I was again fascinated with the music equipment and now the lighting.
I phoned a few agencies and managed to have 1 take me seriously, I told them that I would love to go along and help carry and set up equipment for no charge until they thought I was ready to go out on my own.
After about 15 gigs of helping out the agency they then thought I might be ready to do a few gigs and they were right because the gigs given to me at the time were great for me to start off.
I went on to work a lot in construction and completed a plumbing, engineering & computer aided design course in college which also gave me a good platform for work with my websites.
With the hard earned cash I saved from working on roofs, plumbing, air con engineering & solar panel installations up and down the country I started to buy decent equipment.
At this time CD'S were the big thing ( didn't last very long for a DJ format ) so I went on to buying multi media players to what I use today the controller which is fantastic for navigation and sound.
As I slowly built up my disco equipment I started going out on my own and taking my own bookings for birthdays.
Once I got to the stage where I felt my experience & equipment was up to scratch I then went into playing wedding discos which I loved doing the most and still do to this day.
As my reputation grew along with even more advanced sound & lighting I started my mobile disco business and left my jobs that I had at the time.
I built my first website using an expensive but user friendly builder, using my knowledge of computer aided design I was off.
In 2011 my mobile disco business was official & steady so I built a second website, this time using a slightly more complex builder which started to do my business justice.
After a year or two I decided to completely upgrade my equipment again and slowly start a third website, this time a more advanced and experienced web builder was used.....and this is that third website where you can see for yourself my hard work has paid off in all of my photos that I have taken and also the reviews I have had from many very happy brides & grooms along with many others.
This past few years I have decided to focus more specifically on wedding disco hire as this is what I enjoy doing the most, that said I do still do a few birthday disco & corporate functions e.c.t.
I am very proud of my disco set up and what I have achieved with it throughout the years, my passion for making every disco amazing for everyone is as strong now if not stronger as it was the first time I played a set of decks.
My little business was built from honest hard work & will forever adapt to today's demanding fast passed culture & technology.
I now keep up with the latest trends be it music equipment or lighting with ease, I now play requests even if the song is not in my vast music library & even if there is no WI-FI in some cases I manage to buy off iTunes and have it played the very next track.
Mainly my wedding disco is different from the others in that I want to play what the crowd asks for and not just what I like, I welcome any ideas for the disco and I let anyone use the mic for speeches e.c.t.
My customer service is what it is through honesty, hard work, experience and going that extra mile for you at very very reasonable prices.
Thank you for reading, please take a little look around my website, if you have any questions just ask okay 🙂
Daniel Rose, owner of Wedding Disco Cardiff

Getting your music right for you & your guests

Wedding disco entertainment is key to making your evening a success, choose your wedding disco & or any entertainment wisely, do your research on your entertainment such as checking websites and seeing how much work has been put into the website ( this is a good indication of how much work the company will put into your special day ).

You and your guests will always remember the entertainment provided, be sure to make those memories happy.