Price Guide & Gallery

All discos are based on the start time of 7:30pm to 12am, if you require me to arrive early for wedding breakfast/ceremony an additional cost can be arranged.

The Photobooth service is available costing 100 pounds an hour ( 3 hours is recommended from 8pm-11pm )

Standard wedding disco

For this wedding disco it will cost 250 pounds

Mount Rooms Barry Wedding Venue & Disco

The " Standard wedding disco " includes 2 top of the range white intelligent moving head light fixtures as well as 2 up lit podiums with a pair of l.e.d rotating mirror balls complimented with a white Dj booth, white speaker scrims and 5 top of the range up lights ( mood lighting ) behind the booth and scrims which you can also have any colour of your choice or match your wedding colour theme plus white speaker covers.

I can make a 20 song playlist as well as taking requests on the night. If I am given a request that is not in my music library I will download it there and then via iTunes ( even if the venue has no wi-fi in many cases ) at no extra cost to you. All equipment used for music production & lighting is all at a very high spec.

This Particular set up is very eye catching & elegant as well as being minimalistic, using the 2 intelligent moving heads I can program some lighting scenes to suit your colour theme so not only do you get mood lighting to match your colour theme but you can also have the disco lighting to match too, I also like to program slow elegant lighting scenes for your first dance which is all included within the price.

Photobooth ( 100 pounds per hour )

The Photobooth service is a new edition to the disco service which can be hired on it's own or part of the disco package.


If you would like the Photobooth & disco package it will cost 500 pounds for the both giving you the standard wedding disco service worth 250 pounds from 7:30pm-12am and the photobooth service worth 300 pounds from 8pm-11pm

Large wedding disco

For this wedding disco it costs 400 pounds

Versatile disco at Bryn hill Premium Wedding Venue in Barry South Wales Wedding Disco Cardiff

The large wedding disco option is a set up designed for larger venues and offers 14 different lighting fixtures which are 2 Equinox 25 watt l.e.d scanners, 2 American DJ inno pocket spot moving heads, 2 american DJ inno rollers and a Kam stratosphere l.e.d mirror ball, 2 American DJ Inno Pro Pearl Spots, plus 5 up lighters behind the DJ booth and speaker and lighting rig stands, With this set up I also install a top of the range animation laser combined with top of the range complex software that can write your name in laser text around your venue making this set up truly unique. Please note the animation laser is a free addition to the large wedding disco set up but can be hired as an extra with the smaller disco for 45 pounds if desired.

Name in lights using a custom made monogram ( 150 pounds )

Couple with beautiful wedding monogram gobo

A custom made monogram gobo is a fantastic way of having your very own custom design with your names and even the date of your special day shown in a solid bright light that can be used for your all important wedding disco first dance as I have full control over it using a top of the range moving head light fixture where I can announce the bride and groom to the dance floor while at the same time slowly moving the monogram to the center of the dance floor then have it slowly rotate and have it mixing colours which makes your first dance elegant and unique, then towards the end of your first dance I can split the colours and monogram into six rotating images making the dance floor ready for the rest of your guests to join in for the disco.

A gift from me


A wedding gift from me to you on your special day.

The custom made monogram projection lighting requires me to design your name in lights and to then have it manufactured by a reputable gobo manufacturer I then have to install your monogram gobo into the lighting fixture and then on the night of your disco I will have to operate the light fixture and program it to move around the venue as desired using complex software.

If you would like to have the custom made monogram gobo for your wedding disco you will also get to keep the monogram gobo which I will gift box for you as a keepsake and you could also use it again for an anniversary.

Wedding disco with mood lighting ( up lighting ) only 80 pounds

mood lighting up lighting hire in Cardiff and South Wales

I can provide very high quality mood lighting for your chosen wedding venue with this disco you also have the choice of whatever colour mood lighting you desire and we can also colour match your wedding colour theme using our high quality up lights throughout your venue giving the whole area a lovely elegant feel that creates a great atmosphere even before the disco has started, there are a lot of lighting companies that charge a lot for this service alone but as a package with us you will be making a good saving but without loosing out on quality. The up light fixtures we use are quality built using the latest in L.E.D technology that uses smooth colour mixing giving bright colour washes up the walls and brightening the whole venue with atmosphere. For this wedding up lighting service around your venue it would cost an additional 80 pounds on the standard or large disco.

HD Projector & 80 Inch Screen Hire ( 80 Pounds )

video projector hire

Platinum Wedding Disco Package ( 600 pounds )

Platinum wedding disco package